Performance Management
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COURSE COST: $149.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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The critical skills you will acquire upon completion of this course will help you establish a work climate conducive to managing employee performance. You will learn how to help employees find meaning in their jobs and stay on course, how to maximize employee input and participation during an appraisal, how to maintain positive communication about expectations versus performance, and how to follow up on agreements reached. Most professional and administrative employees today do not understand how their work is evaluated. The techniques outlined in this course will help you fashion a well-planned and thoughtful process for creating an open atmosphere for discussion and for leading the way for employees' personal development and growth.


The course is designed for individuals looking to develop their leadership and supervision skills. It is appropriate for all levels of experience.
There are no prerequisites for this course.


*Course Cost listed does not include the cost of courseware. Please refer to your Enrollment Sales Order or Invoice for the additional cost. If you have any questions, please contact us ( or 207-775-0244.)


Part 1: Are You Ready for Better Appraisals?
Objectives of Performance Appraisals
Meet Some Successes and Some Failures
Do You Put Off Performance Appraisals?
Benefits of a Well-Planned Appraisal
How Appraisals Help Employees

Part 2: Setting the Stage
Establish the Right Climate
Are You Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?
Help Employees Find Meaning in Their Jobs and Stay on Course

Part 3: Preparing for More Effective Appraisals
What Is Meant by Goals and Standards?
Attitudes and Performance Appraisals
Employee Preparation for the Appraisal
Manager Preparation for the Appraisal
Pitfalls to Avoid
Elements of a Successful Appraisal
Develop an Action Plan
How Employee Performance Directs the Appraisal
Appraisal Discussion Models

Part 4: Conducting the Appraisal
Beginning the Appraisal Discussion
Discussing Unsatisfactory Performance
Getting an Employee to Talk Freely
Creating an Open Atmosphere
Appraisal Questions
Personal Development and Growth
The Importance of Attitude
Closing the Appraisal Discussion

Part 5: After the Appraisal
Following Up┐Three Suggestions
Performance Appraisal Checklist for Managers
Creating a Personal Action Plan