VIPTELA: Cisco SD-WAN Deploy, Manage & Troubleshoot (VIPTELA)
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COURSE COST: $4295.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This Viptela training is targeted to engineers and technical personnel involved in deploying, implementing, operating and optimizing Cisco SD-WAN solution (Viptela), both in enterprise and Service Provider environments, including advanced features for Multi-tenant deployment, QoS, application performance routing, configuration templates, control policies and troubleshooting common operating issues. The Cisco SD-WAN course is lab-intensive, and objectives are accomplished mainly through hands on learning. Students taking this Viptela training course should be familiar with Wide Area Networks (WANs) in a variety of ways, which can be found below. Ideal candidates for this course include engineering and planning teams who evaluate WAN evolution, personnel involved in SD-WAN Design, Implementation and Operation, and others. AVAILABLE CLASS Offered as a 3 Day Bootcamp for $ 2700 | ask for more information.


  • Engineering and Planning team evaluating WAN evolution
  • Personnel involved in SD-WAN Design, Implementation and Operation
  • Network Operations team with SD-WAN solution
  • Cisco partners who sell and support SD-WAN solutions
Familiarity with Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  • Describe why customers desire SD-WAN.
  • Explain the basic components of Cisco SD-WAN.
  • Describe use cases of SD-WAN.
  • Describe management features of Cisco SD-WAN.
  • Understand the business areas to leverage Cisco SD-WAN.


*Course Cost listed does not include the cost of courseware or lunch. Course is subject to minimum enrollment. Course may run virtually as a Virtual Instructor-Led (VILT) VTEC Partner class if minimum enrollment is not met.


Module 1: SD-WAN Solution Overview
Traditional WAN - Challenges
SD-WAN Overview and definitions
SD-WAN Benefits, Key Concepts, & Main Components
On-Premise vs. Cloud-based Control Plane
" Lab 1: Accessing the Lab Devices

Module 2: SD-WAN Licensing Model
Pricing Model
License Options by Features
License Options by Bandwidth capacity
" Lab 2: Reset vEdge Cloud Router

Module 3: Secure Control Plane Bring-Up
Zero Trust Security Principles
Secure Control Channels
Establishing vEdge Router Identity
Establishing Control Elements Identities (vBond, vSmart, vEdge)
Secure Control Channel between vEdge Router and vBond
Secure Control Channel between vEdge Router and vSmart/vManage
" Lab 3: Remove vEdge Router from vManage Inventory

Module 4: Secure Data Plane Bring-Up
Limitations of traditional key exchange mechanisms (IKE)
SD-WAN new centralized Encryption key distribution
Traffic Encryption for data privacy
Authentication Header for Data Plane Integrity
Anti-Replay Protection (man-in-the-middle)
Role of Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
Considerations about MTU and MSS
End to End Segmentation (VPN's)
Role of Application Visibility and Recognition
Infrastructure DDoS Mitigation
Security Policies and Services
Cloud Security: Secure Direct Internet Access

Module 5: Overlay Management Protocol (OMP)
Definition of overlay routing
Role and characteristics of Overlay Management Protocol (OMP)
OMP Advertised Routes
Route Redistribution (edge routing protocol to OMP and vice versa)
Best Path Algorithm
Configure and Deploy Control-Plane Connectivity

Module 6: Using Templates
Basic Elements in the configuration for any device
Need for Templates
Options to Apply Templates to Devices
Overview of Feature Templates
Categories of Feature Templates
Workflow for Applying Templates to Devices
Configure and Deploy an Overlay Network

Module 7: Using Policies
Policy Architecture
Application Aware Routing Policies
Control Policies
Data Policies
VPN Membership Policies
Routing Policies
Cflowd Templates
Provision and Deploy vManage Templates

Module 8: Quality of Service (QoS)
QoS Pipeline - vEdge Router
Data Packet Flow
Queueing Management
Control Traffic Prioritization
Random Early Detection (RED)
Traffic Policing
Traffic Shaping
Marking and Remarking
QoS Scheduler
QoS Map
Applying QoS policies

Module 9: Basic Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Control Plane Bring Up
GUI validation in vManage
CLI validation with "Show" commands in vEdge Router
Troubleshooting Data Plane
Troubleshooting OMP
" Lab 9: Deploy Multi-Tenant vManage

Module 10: Additional Topics
Solution Redundancy
Control Policies
Route Filtering
Direct Internet Access (DIA)
Contrasting Cisco IWAN with Viptela SD-WAN approach
Comparing Cisco's SD-WAN with other vendors solutions

Module 11: Cloud on Ramp

Module 12: Use Cases & Design
Guest Wi-Fi
Bandwidth Augmentation
Cloud onRamp for SAAS
Critical Applications SLA
Regional Secure Perimeter

Module 13: Multi-Tenancy
Multi-Tenant Mode
Creating Tenants
Adding Controller
Adding Vedges

Module 14: vAnalytics and Rest API
Data Analytics
vManage Rest API