55217 SharePoint 2016 Power User
9/21/2020 - 9/24/2020


COURSE COST: $1995.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This course delivers the complete site owner story from start to finish in an engaging and practical way to ensure you have the confidence to plan and create new sites or manage your existing sites. Your goal is to learn how to make SharePoint relevant to your team by using a sites functionality to help you share information and collaborate with your colleagues. During the class you will also learn best practices and ‘what not to do’ as you watch live, interactive demonstrations and put theory into practice with hands on exercises.


This course is intended for anyone who wants to become the ultimate site owner; whether you are building sites for yourself or helping other people to create and maintain their sites. No previous knowledge is required to attend this course.



At Course Completion
Understand and describe the functionality of SharePoint 2016
Creating and Delete Sites
Creating and Managing Web Pages including content such as pictures and videos
Define Business Information and Retention to standardize and automate the creation and management of content
Adding and Configuring Apps to make sites relevant to specific business requirements
Building Processes with Workflow
Customizing Security
Communicating with Social Tools including Newsfeeds and Community Sites
Working with Search
Building Business Scenarios using combinations of the above techniques to solve real world problems

Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint 2016
An Overview of SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Versions
Central Repository for Information
Roles in SharePoint
Web Content Management
Site Visitors, Team Collaboration
Site Members, Search, Site Owners
Social Computing
Site Collection Administrator
Workflows, Farm Administrator
Business Intelligence, Security Trimming
Lab 1: The Basics – Navigate, Upload Documents and Add items to a list

Module 2: Creating Sites
An Introduction to Site Topology
Navigating SharePoint Sites
When to Create a Site and Where?
How to Create a New Site
Building the Site Navigation Bar
Site Templates
Deleting Sites
Team Sites
Recovering Deleted Sites
Project Sites, Blog sites
Community Sites
Publishing Sites

Module 3: Creating and Managing Web Pages
Introducing Wiki Pages
Introducing the Publishing Site
Adding Wiki Pages
Create and Edit Publishing Pages
Adding Rich Content to Wiki Pages
Using Page Layouts
Promoted Links
Web Page Metadata
Adding and Modifying Web Parts
Site Collection Images, Deleting Wiki Pages
Renditions, Reusable Content
Web Page Approval,, Scheduling Pages

Module 4: Defining Business Information & Retention
Managed Metadata Service
Information Management Policies
An Introduction to Content Types
The Records Center
Create & Manage Content Types
The Content Organizer
Document IDs
Using Content Types in Apps
In Place Records Management
The Content Type Hub
Deploying Content Types
Lab 1: Defining Business Information and Retention

Module 5: Adding and Configuring Apps
Adding List & Library Apps
Popular List & Library Templates
Managing List & Library Settings
Add, Modify, Upload, and Delete Content in Apps
Create and Manage App Columns
Adding Site Columns
Sort and Filter Content, Create and Manage Public Views
Personal Views,Working with Document Sets
Using Alerts in Apps, Creating App Templates
Office 2016 Integration with, SharePoint Apps*
On Premises Apps, SharePoint Marketplace Apps, *Office Integration
Integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint Designer 2013,

InfoPath Designer 2013
Outlook 2016
OneDrive for Business
Lab 1: Working with Apps Lab 1
Lab 2: Working with Apps Lab 2

Module 6: Building Processes with Workflows
An Introduction to Workflows
Adding Workflows
Workflow Scenarios
Removing Workflows
Creating Workflows
Third Party Workflow Tools
Configuring Workflow Settings
Lab 1: Create and Run Workflows

Module 7: Customizing Security
An Introduction to Security
Creating Groups
Access Requests
How Inheriting Security Works
Share Sites and Files
Securing Apps, Folders, Files/Items
Managed Metadata Security
Creating Permission Levels
OneDrive Security
Lab 1: Configure Site Security

Module 8: Communicating with Social Tools
An Introduction to Social Tools
Community Sites
Updating your Profile
Community Portal
Blog Sites
Skype for Business
Lab 1: Get Social

> SharePoint 2016 Power User
Searching in SharePoint 2016
How Search Works
Promoted Results
Search Criteria
Search Web Parts
People Search
ow Can Search be Customized?
Lab 1: Search

Module 10: Building Business Scenarios
Lab 1: Creation and Storage of Outlines
Basic App and Navigation
Upload Outline Template
Test the Outline Template
Create Columns and Views
Enable Star Rating
Lab 2: Project Expense Claim Processing
Create New Site
Configure Managed Meta
Create Approvers Security
Configure Policy
Rename and Create Column

Views for Data Entry and Reporting
Test your new App
Policy Review
Save Apps as Template
Lab 3: New Course Creation Process
New Top Level Site
Create Site Columns
New Sub Site (to use as site template)
Customize the Top Level Site
Change the Look of the Site
Test the new site, Migrate Existing Files
Keep up to date with Roll Up, Share the Site