Effective Negotiation - Tools and Techniques
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COURSE COST: $175.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 12:00pm

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Negotiation is often thought of as a contest in which one side wins and the other side loses. The truth is that we negotiate every day with a view toward meeting our needs without antagonizing or defeating others. This kind of negotiating is known as win-win or collaborative problem solving. This book looks at all forms of negotiating, but emphasizes win-win negotiating principles and strategies. It includes new concepts, tools, and guidance, reflecting recent advances in collaboration and cooperation and new attitudes toward negotiation. This 1/2 day class will give you the basics to build on how to become a successful negotiator. Instructor: George Diorio


Sales, Real Estate and individuals looking to increase their skill. No Prerequisites.

What skills do you need to negotiate?

Verbal Communication and Effective Speaking.
Reducing misunderstandings is a key part of effective negotiation.
Rapport Building.
Problem Solving.
Decision Making.
Dealing with Difficult Situations.


Course is subject to minimum enrollment. Courseware cost is not included in course cost. For any additional costs, please see your invoice or quote. For more details, please feel free to contact: learn@vtec.org or call 207.775.0244.


Introduction: Overview of Negotiation
Topic A: How Often Do We Negotiate?
Topic B: Importance of Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Outcomes
Topic A: The Four Potential Outcomes
Topic B: The Importance of a BATNA

Critical Factors in Negotiation
Topic A: Interests
Topic B: Knowledge
Topic C: Timing
Topic D: Relationships
Topic E: Leverage

Maximizing Leverage
Topic A: Understanding Your Power Sources
Topic B: Position Power in Negotiation
Topic C: Personal Power in Negotiation

Negotiation Tools
Topic A: Influence Tactics
Topic B: Persuasion Triggers
Topic C: Negotiation Maneuvers

Common Influence Tactics in Negotiation
Topic A: Rationalization
Topic B: Legitimating
Topic C: Disarming
Topic D: Exchange
Topic E: Coercion

Common Triggers
Topic A: Contrast
Topic B: Authority
Topic B: Authority
Topic D: Conformity
Topic E: Scarcity

Common Negotiation Maneuvers
Topic A: Good Cop/Bad Cop
Topic B: Escalating Approval
Topic C: Reverse Auction
Topic D: Association
Topic E: Deadline
Topic F: Other Maneuvers

Preparing for Negotiation
Topic A: Assessing the Critical Factors
Topic B: Selecting Potential Tools and Combinations
Topic C: Developing a Strategy
Topic D: Planning for the Event(s)

Communication Skills
Topic A: Listening
Topic B: Clarity in Verbal Communication
Topic C: Electronic Communications
Topic D: Strategic Use of Communication

Legal Issues
Topic A: Legality of Contracts
Topic B: Ensuring Details are in the Contracts
Topic C: Avoid Common Problems

Negotiation Situations and Approaches
Topic A: Analyzing Situations
Topic B: Offers and Counter Offers
Topic C: Reacting to the Flow of a Negotiation
Topic D: Games Negotiators Play
Topic E: Making a 'Go or No Go' Decision

Practical Application
Topic A: Putting Theory into Practice
Topic B: Negotiation Scenarios and Exercises
Topic C: Group Discussion