Cascading Style Sheets
7/1/2020 - 7/2/2020
9/3/2020 - 9/4/2020


COURSE COST: $625.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an important component of successful Web design. In this course, you will be introduced to the concepts, techniques, properties, and values of CSS in a sequence that reflects a typical “building up” of design rules. You will first start with colors, since in many cases the colors you use for a site project will be dictated to you by the organization's existing color scheme. Color is also the simplest part of CSS, so it's a great place to get started. You will then learn how to control typography using text and font properties. Typographical styles are important to establish before you get into the layout of content areas because the size and spacing of your text will help define the size of your content sections. You will then explore the layout-oriented styles of CSS, including margins, padding, and absolute and relative positioning.
Course number: 085501


Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following Element K courses or have equivalent knowledge:

• HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 1 (Second Edition)
• HTML 4.01: Web Authoring, Level 2 (Second Edition)


Course is subject to minimum enrollment. Course may run as a virtual instructor led course if minimum is not met. Courseware is not included in class cost.


Lesson 1: Controlling Color and Typography
Topic 1A: Create an Embedded Style Sheet
Topic 1B: Apply Color
Topic 1C: Comment Your Code
Topic 1D: Modify Text Styles
Topic 1E: Modify Font Styles
Topic 1F: Create a Linked Style Sheet

Lesson 2: Designing with the Cascade
Topic 2A: Create Class Styles
Topic 2B: Create ID Styles
Topic 2C: Create Contextual Styles
Topic 2D: Target Styles to Elements with Specific Attributes
Topic 2E: Create Style Sheets that Cascade
Topic 2F: Import Style Sheets
Topic 2G: Create Inline Styles

Lesson 3: Designing Content Sections
Topic 3A: Control Margins and Padding
Topic 3B: Create Borders
Topic 3C: Control Element Dimensions
Topic 3D: Create Floating Elements
Topic 3E: Control Content Overflow

Lesson 4: Controlling Layout with Positioning
Topic 4A: Controlling Layout with Absolute Positioning
Topic 4B: Create a Fixed, Multi-column Layout
Topic 4C: Create a Fluid, Multi-column Layout
Topic 4D: Control Layout with Relative Positioning
Topic 4E: Control the Display of Layered Elements
Topic 4F: Apply Fixed Positioning

Lesson 5: Enhancing an Existing Design
Topic 5A: Customize Cursors
Topic 5B: Customize Link Styles
Topic 5C: Customize Forms
Topic 5D: Display and Manipulate Background Images
Topic 5E: Customize Lists
Topic 5F: Create Generated Content

Lesson 6: Creating Alternate Style Sheets
Topic 6A: Create Accessible Style Sheets
Topic 6B: Apply User-Defined System Fonts and Colors
Topic 6C: Create a Print Style Sheet