CIHE - Certified Incident Handling Engineer
9/13/2021 - 9/17/2021


COURSE COST: $3395.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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The Certified Incident Handling Engineer, 5-day course is designed to help incident handlers, system administrators, and general security engineers understand how to plan, create, and utilize their systems in order to prevent, detect, and respond to security breaches. Every business connected to the internet is getting probed by hackers trying to gain access. The ideal situation I to prevent this from happening, but realistically every business needs to know how to detect and resolve security breaches. Certified Incident Handlers are prepared to do handle these situations effectively.
Students will learn common attack techniques, vectors, and tools used by hackers, so that they can effectively prevent, detect, and respond against them. This course is ideal for those who lead incident handling teams or are part of an incident handling team.

40 CPE Credits


Who Should Attend The C)IHE course is an incident handling course that teaches students how to plan for, detect, and respond to security breaches. In order to do this effectively we require students to understand the material in our C)ISSO: Information Systems Security Officer course. If you have taken the course or have equivalent experience/knowledge, you'll be able to learn the art of incident handling in the C)IHE course.
After you complete the C)IHE we encourage you to learn about disaster recovery and business continuity through our C)DRE: Disaster Recovery Engineer Course.

System Administrators
Security Consultants
IT Departments
Incident Handlers
Prerequisites: C)SS: Security Sentinel
C)ISSO: Information Systems Security Officer
OR Equivalent Experience


Course Kit and Lunch not included. Course Kit $ 500.Lunch $10 per day (optional) Course will run as a live-virtual class unless a minimum enrollment is reached.

The Certified Incident Handling Engineer exam is taken online Assessment and Certification System (MACS). The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions. The cost is $400 USD. The GIAC Certified Incident Handler exam is another certification for incident handling professionals that this course has more than prepared you to pass. We strongly recommend the more advanced C)IHE exam. Please consult your instructor if you have any further questions. The exam is available for purchase through


Upon Completion
Have knowledge to detect security threats, risk, and weaknesses.
Have knowledge to plan for prevention, detection, and responses to security breaches.
Have knowledge to accurately report on their findings from examinations.
Be ready to sit for the C)IHE Certification Exam

Course Content
Threats, Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Preliminary Response
Identification and Initial Response
Incident-handling recovery
Virtual Machine Security

Malware Incident Response

Netcat (Basics of Backdoor Tools)
Exploiting and Pivoting our Attack
Creating a Trojan
Capture FTP Traffic
ARP Cache Poisoning Basics
ARP Cache Poisoning - RDP
Input Manipulation
Shoveling a Shell
Virus Total
Create Malware using SET
The Trojans
Examine System Active Processes and Running Services

Examine Startup Folders
The Local Registry
The IOC Finder - Collect
IOC Finder - Generate Report
Malware Removal

Class Format Options
1.Instructor-led Classroom: Attend in person.
2.Live-virtual Training: Attend the Instructor-led class remotely.