55294 SharePoint Power User 2019
8/19/2021 - 8/20/2021
10/14/2021 - 10/15/2021


COURSE COST: $995.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This SharePoint 2019 Power User training class is designed for individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of managing SharePoint sites.


This course is intended for individuals with end user experience who need to learn the fundamentals of managing SharePoint sites. SharePoint 2019 End User experience


*Course cost listed does not include the cost of courseware or exam. Please contact us at learn@vtec.org or 207-775-0244 for additional pricing information, or if you have any questions. Course is subject to a minimum enrollment. This course may run as a live distance learning class if the minimum enrollment is not met.


At Course Completion
Create custom workflows using SharePoint Designer 2019.
Learn to use Content Approval settings and Workflow..
Learn to use Term stores and managed Metadata
Learn to use the Document ID Service.
Learn SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.
Learn to create and use Document Sets.
Learn to route documents with Content Organizer.
Learn to use Metadata Navigation.
Learn to create external content types with Business Connectivity Services.
Learn to use Information Management Policies

Module 1: Content Approval
Content approval can be used on both lists and libraries in a SharePoint site.
Content approval enabled, you have additional options to control the visibility of items.
Content approval is enabled through the list/library settings page.
Enabling Content Approval
Content Approval Workflows
Lab 1: Exercises
Enabling and Using SharePoint Content Approval
Enabling and Using SharePoint Approval Workflow

Module 2: Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer
Workflow Basics
Custom List Workflows
Workflow Actions
Workflow Stages and Conditions
Workflow Initiation Form
Site Workflows
Lab 1: Exercises - Creating Custom Workflows, Site Workflow with Looping
Use a Looping container in a Workflow.
Use an Call HTTP Web Service Action
Add Actions, Parameters and Conditions to a workflow.
Create a Site workflow.

Module 3: Working with Managed Metadata
Creating a Term Store Group and Term Set
Creating Metadata Columns in Lists and Libraries
Publishing Content Types
Lab 1: Exercises - Creating a Term Store Group and Term Set, Creating Managed Metadata Columns
Create Term Store groups, sets and terms.
Create Managed Metadata columns in a list or library.
Understand the basics of content type publishing.

Module 4: Business Connectivity Services
Business Connectivity Services Basics
Creating an External Content Type with SharePoint Designer
Creating a List from an Exertional Content Type
Lab 1: Exercises - Working with External Content Types and Lists
Understand the basics of Business Connectivity Services.
Create an External Connection using SharePoint Designer.
Create an External Content Type using SharePoint Designer.
Define database operations using SharePoint Designer.
Create a list using the External List template.
Create an External List using SharePoint Designer.

Module 5: Information Management Policy
Information Management Policy Basics
Define an Information Policy for a Content Type
Defining an Information Policy for a List
Lab 1: Create an Information Management Policy for a List
Understand the basics of Information Management Policy.
Configure an Information Management Policy for a Content Type.
Define Information Management Policy stages.
Configure an Information Management Policy for a list/library.

Module 6: Content Organizer
Activating the Content Organizer Feature
Configuring Content Organizer Settings
Configuring Content Organizer Rules
Lab 1: Exercise: Activating and Configuring the Content Organizer Feature
Activate the Content Organizer site feature.
Modify the Content Organizer Settings.
Create the Content Organizer rules.

Module 7: Document ID Service
Activating the Document ID Feature
Configuring Document ID Settings
Linking Document ID Settings
Lab 1: Exercise: Activating and Configuring the Document ID Service
Activate the Document ID feature in a Site Collection.
Configure the Document ID feature settings.
Force the Document ID feature timer jobs to run.
Link to a document using the Document ID URL.

Module 8: Document Sets
Activating the Document Sets Feature
Creating a Document Set Content Type
Adding a Document Set Content Type of a Library
Lab 1: Exercise: Configuring Document Sets Feature
Describe the key features, editions, and hardware requirements of Windows
Perform a clean installation of Windows
Upgrade and Migrate to Windows from an earlier version of Windows.
Perform an image-based installation of Windows
Resolve common application compatibility issues

Module 9: SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
Activating the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
Publishing Infrastructure Basics
Creating Pages with Page Layouts
Lab 1: Exercises-Exercise: Activating Publishing Infrastructure,Exercise: Creating Publishing Pages
Activate the site collection's SharePoint Server Publishing
Infrastructure feature.
Activate the site's SharePoint Server Publishing feature.
Understand how the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure works.
Create a page using publishing layouts.
Change the layout of a page.

Module 10: Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results
Search SharePoint for Content
SharePoint Search Center
Lab 1: Exercise: Basic SharePoint Search
Perform a basic search in SharePoint.
Add a Search Center.
Configure the site's search box to use a Search Center.
Crawl content.