EC-Council Disaster Recover Professional (EDRP)
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COURSE COST: $2995.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This course teaches you the methods in identifying vulnerabilities and takes appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate failure risks for an organization. It also provides the networking professional with a foundation in disaster recovery principles, including preparation of a disaster recovery plan, assessment of risks in the enterprise, development of policies, and procedures, and understanding of the roles and relationships of various members of an organization, implementation of the plan, and recovering from a disaster. This course takes an enterprise-wide approach to developing a disaster recovery plan. Students will learn how to create a secure network by putting policies and procedures in place, and how to restore a network in the event of a disaster.


Network server administrators, firewall administrators, systems administrators, application developers, and IT security officers.


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Module 01: Introduction to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: Terminologies
Disaster Types
Consequences of Disaster
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Principles of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: Issues Addressed
Activities of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Program
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions
Best Practices in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Program
International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)
International Day for Disaster Reduction

Module 2: Nature and Causes of Disasters
Module Objective
Module Flow
Nature of Disasters
Categorization of Disasters

Module 3: Emergency Management
Module Objective
Module Flow
Emergency Management
Need for Emergency Management
Emergency Management Phases
Effect of Disaster on Business Organizations
FEMA¯Federal Emergency Management Agency

Module 4: Laws and Acts
Module Objective
Module Flow
Applicable Acts in DR
Laws and Acts in United States of America
Laws and Acts of Europe
Dutch Personal Data Protection Act
Austrian Federal Act Concern the Protection of Personal Data
German Federal Data Protection Act
Laws and Acts in Australia

Module 5: Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Management Planning Steps
ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
Risk Analysis
Risk Assessment
Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Threat Analysis
Crisis Management
Contingency Planning
Points to Remember in BCM Plan Testing

Module 6: Disaster Recovery Planning Process
Module Objective
Module Flow
Disaster Recovery Planning Process
Management Support

Module 7: Risk Management
What is Risk?
Introduction to Risk Management
Functions of Risk Management
Analytic Process of Risk Management
Project Risk Management
IT Security Risk Management
Risk Management Standards
Financial Risk Management
Basel II and Risk Management
Quantitative Risk Management
Best Practices in Risk Management

Module 8: Facility Protection
Module Objective
Module Flow
Facility Protection

Module 9: Data Recovery
Introduction to ¯Data Recovery
Types of Data Recovery
Data-to-Disk-to Disaster Recovery (3DR) Concept
Steps in Data Recovery
Recovery Management
Recovery Management Model Layers
Data Protection Continuum
Do¯s and Don¯ts
Lumigent¯s Log Explorer
Best Practices in Data Recovery

Module 10: System Recovery
System Restore in Windows XP
Linux System Recovery
Macintosh System Recovery
Restoring Windows Server 2003
Recovering from Boot Problems in Windows 2003
Microsoft Windows Recovery Console
Automated System Recovery
Windows 2000 Backup and Restore Utility
Methods for Restoring Replicated Data
Restoring Server Services
Active Directory Recovery: Non-Authoritative Restore
Active Directory Recovery: Authoritative Restore

Verifying Active Directory Restoration: Advanced Verification
Verifying Active Directory Restoration: Basic Verification
Active Directory Recovery on a Computer with a Different Hardware Configuration
Sysvol Recovery: Primary Restore
Sysvol Recovery: Non-Authoritative Restore
Sysvol Recovery: Authoritative Restore
Recovery of Global Catalog Server
Recovery of an Operations Master
Domain Controller Recovery: With a Working Domain Controller
Domain Controller Recovery: Without a Working Domain Controller
Database Integrity Testing
Rights Management Services Restoration
Rights Management Services Database Restoration
Tools for Active Directory Disaster Recovery: Recovery Manager
Restoring IIS Configurations: iisback.vbs
Restoring Exchange Server 2003
Data Recovery Scenarios
Exchange Data Recovery Preparation
Single Mailbox Recovery
Single Item Recovery Using Deleted Items Retention
Single Item Recovery Using Third-Party Brick Backup Programs
Full Server Recovery: Preparation
Exchange Server Backup/Recovery Solution: SonaSafe
Recovering Blackberry Enterprise Server
IBM WebSphere Application Server Recovery
Recovering Coldfusion Application Server: CFMAIL Bug
Recovering Coldfusion Application Server: Variable Deadlock
Recovering Coldfusion Application Server: ODBC Errors
Recovering Coldfusion Application Server: 500 IIS Internal Server Error
Recovering Coldfusion Application Server: System Registry Access Problem
Recovering from Domino Server Crashes
Tool: SteelEye LifeKeeper
Restoring MySQL Server
Restoring My SQL Server
Recovering Cisco IOS

Module 11: Backup and Recovery
Need for Backup
Types of Backup
Hot Backup
Cold Backup
Backup Sites
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
Wide Area File Services (WAFS)
Backup For UNIX
Bare Metal Recovery for Linux
Bucky Backup for Mac OS X
System Backup Administrator

NanoCopy Technology
Genie Backup Manager
NTI BackupNow
High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR)
Best Practices in Backup & Recovery

Module 12: Centralized and Decentralized System Recovery
Distributed Computing
Centralized Backup
Tiers of Disaster Recovery
Best Practices in Centralized and Decentralized System Recovery

Module 13: System Recovery
Digital Photo Recovery
Test Disk
BadCopy Photo
Directory Snoop
Data Advisor
Fast File Undelete
File Scavenger
Kernel Recovery for FAT+NTFS

Recovery It All
Recovery My Files Data Recovery
Quick Recovery for Windows
File Recovery
EasyRecovery DataRecovery
EasyRecovery Professional
RecoverSoft Media Tools Professional
RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC
ADRC Data Recovery Software Tool

Module 14: Linux, Mac, and Novell Netware Data Recovery Tools
Kernel Recovery for Linux
Kernel Recovery for ReiserFS
Kernel Recovery for JFS
Kernel Recovery for Macintosh
Kernel Recovery for Novell/Netware
Stellar Phoenix Linux
Quick Recovery for Linux
Quick Recovery for Macintosh
SalvageRecovery for Linux
SalvageRecovery for Netware
Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery Software

Module 15: Incident Response
Category of Incidents
How to Identify an Incident
How to Prevent an Incident
Relationship Between Incident Response, Incident Handling, and Incident Management
Incident Management Plan
Incident Handling
Information Security Life Cycle
Incident Response
Incident Response Policy
Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis and Incident Response
Incident Response Methodology

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)
CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)
FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams)
Request Tracker for Incident Response
Helix¯Incident Response & Computer Forensics Live CD
Incident Response Tools Present in Helix CD

Module 16: Role of Public Services in Disaster
Module Objective
Module Flow
Public Services

Module 17: Organizations Providing Services During Disasters
Module Objective
Module Flow
Organizations Providing Services during Disasters

Module 18: Organizations Providing Disaster Recovery Solutions
Kernel Recovery for Linux
Kernel Recovery for ReiserFS
Kernel Recovery for JFS
Kernel Recovery for Macintosh
Kernel Recovery for Novell/Netware
Stellar Phoenix Linux
Quick Recovery for Linux
Quick Recovery for Macintosh
SalvageRecovery for Linux
SalvageRecovery for Mac

Module 19: Case Studies