55049 PowerPivot, Power View and SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center for Analysts
8/13/2020 - 8/14/2020


COURSE COST: $995.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This two-day instructor-led course concentrates on PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013. The attendees will learn how to surface the workbooks and visualizations using the Business Intelligence Center in SharePoint 2013.


This course is intended for analysts, business intelligence (BI) developers and IT professionals that will be involved with the design, development, and maintenance of Excel workbooks utilizing PowerPivot and Power View 2013 to be surfaced on SharePoint.

Experience with Excel 2007 or higher.

An understanding of PivotTables.


*Course Cost listed does not include the cost of courseware or lunch, required in your registration. Please refer to your Enrollment Sales Order or Invoice for the additional cost. If you have any questions, please contact us (learn@vtec.org or 207-775-0244). Course is subject to minimum enrollment. Course may run as a live distance learning course if minimum is not met.


At Course Completion
Use PowerPivot 2013 in Excel.
Work with DAX.
Create Power View visualizations.
Understand data models
Save to SharePoint.
Surface on SharePoint.
Work with the SharePoint Business Intelligence Center.
Create dedicated apps in SharePoint for PowerPivot and Power View.
Use PowerPivot within Excel to import a table from SQL Server.
Use PowerPivot within Excel to import a table from SQL Server Analysis Services
Hide columns they donít want reflected in the resulting PivotTable.
View the relationships existing within the imported tables from SQL Server and then import an additional table and configure a relationship between it and the existing.

Create a PivotTable within an existing worksheet.
Create a table.
Create a chart.
Save and share their work.
Create a BI semantic model.
Explore the options and settings available within the new SharePoint 2013 Central Administration and Excel Services.
Access and review the Secure Store.
Create a new web application and business intelligence site while exploring the features of both.
Create custom apps to store visualizations and/or workbooks in SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center.

Module 1: Course Overview

Module 2: PowerPivot
What is a data model?
PowerPivot and Excel
New 2013 PowerPivot Features
PowerPivot and SharePoint
Enterprise Business Intelligence and PowerPivot
Enriching Data
Importing Data
Refreshing Data
Formatting Data
Sorting and Filtering
Creating Relationships
Calculations / SharePoint Sharing

Module 3: Power View
New 2013 Power View Features
Microsoft Power View User Interface
Saving and Sharing
BI Semantic Models

Module 4: SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center
New 2013 SharePoint Central Administration
New 2013 Business Intelligence Center
Permissions and Roles
Included Document Library and List Apps
Create Custom Apps (Libraries) for Visualizations or Workbooks
Create Custom Connection Apps (Libraries)
Set Policies for Excel Services