Advanced Microsoft Project 2010 for Project Managers
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COURSE COST: $695.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills plan and manage projects using Microsoft Project 2010.

To get the most from any project management software, the user must understand the project management techniques upon which the software is based. This course presents the most popular project management software in the context of how a project manager will use it. Participants in this course learn the functions of the software and the project management concepts which make the software effective.

This presentation begins with the basic concepts and leads participants through all the functions they’ll need to plan and manage a small to medium-sized project, including how to level resources and capture both cost and schedule progress.


This course is intended for both novice and experienced Project Managers and projects support personnel who need to apply the discipline of project management using Microsoft Project Professional/Standard 2010.

Students should have a general understanding of project management concepts and end-user skills with any current Windows operating system.


*Course Cost listed does not include the cost of courseware or lunch, required in your registration. Please refer to your Enrollment Sales Order or Invoice for the additional cost. If you have any questions, please contact us ( or 207-775-0244). Course is subject to minimum enrollment.


Module 1 - Working with Fields
Reviewing the Microsoft Project Data Model
Understanding Fields
Understanding New Fields
Using Standard Fields in Views, Tables, Filters, and Groups
Understanding and Using Custom Fields
Defining a Free Entry Custom Field
Defining a Custom Field with a Lookup Table
Defining a Custom Field with a Formula
Defining a Custom Field with Graphical Indicators
Defining a Custom Outline Code
Importing a Custom Field
Deleting a Custom Field

Module 2 - Advanced Calendars and Scheduling
Reviewing Calendar Types
Understanding how Calendars Control a Project Schedule
Synchronizing Calendar Options

Module 3 - Advanced Resource Scheduling
Comparing Duration vs. Scheduling
Understanding Assignment Views
Understanding Work Contours

Module 4 - Project Costing
Understanding Project Costing
Understanding Cost Accrual Methods
Using Resource Cost Rate Tables
Tracking Multiple Fixed Costs
Understanding Earned Value Analysis
Viewing Earned Value Fields

Module 5 - Critical Path Analysis
Understanding the Critical Path
Identifying the Critical Path
Using the Schedule Table
Changing the Critical Path Calculation
Using the Schedule Table

Module 6 - Importing and Exporting Project Data
Exporting Project Data Overview
Exporting Project Data
Importing Project Data
Export a Project Image to another Application

Module 7 - Leveling Resource Overallocations
Resource Overallocations
Resource Leveling Review
Understanding Leveling Options
Restricting Resource Leveling

Module 8 - Using Master Projects
Understanding Master Project Terminology
Creating a Share Resource Pool
Connecting Projects to a Share Resource Pool File
Creating a Master Project
Setting Cross Project Dependencies
Program and Portfolio Analysis

Module 9 - Working With Macros
Displaying the Developer Ribbon
Understanding VBA
Recording a Macro
Running a Macro
Writing a Macro
Add a Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar or the Ribbon
Managing Macros
Setting Macro Security