Managing Project Schedules and Resources Using MS Project 2013
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COURSE COST: $1095.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This 3-Day instructor-led course teaches students the skills necessary to create dynamic project schedules using Microsoft Project 2013. The class addresses creating resource loaded project schedules to assist the project manager in managing the cost, time, and resource requirements of a project from planning through execution and close. The course addresses the new features introduced in Project 2013. The course is created and taught by a Microsoft Project MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

This is an introduction/intermediate class for Project 2013.


The course is for students who are responsible for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects and resources using Microsoft Project.

This course addresses using Microsoft Project to plan and manage projects and assumes the student has a solid understanding of project management theory and concepts including creating predecessor and successors relationships, critical path calculation, base lining, and resource loading.


*Course Cost listed does not include the cost of courseware or lunch, required in your registration. Please refer to your Enrollment Sales Order or Invoice for the additional cost. If you have any questions, please contact us ( or 207-775-0244). Course is subject to minimum enrollment.


Overview of Microsoft Project
Understanding Project data
Applying views, tables, filters, and groups

Creating New Project Files
Six steps to create a new project file

Creating the Task List
Manually and auto scheduled tasks
Working with durations
Inserting/Deleting Tasks
Recurring tasks

Outlining Tasks
Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
Adding Task Notes
Outline Numbers

Creating the Task Schedule
Linking manually scheduled tasks
Linking manually scheduled tasks
Adding lead and lag
Task constraints and Deadlines
Using Task Calendars
Analyzing the critical path
Viewing the task path

Creating Resources and Assignments
Using work, material, and cost resources
Resource assignments and calculations
Work, Duration, and Units calculation
Working with task types
Assignment versus Peak units
Effort-driven scheduling
Resource calendars

Resource Assignments and Over allocation
Understanding Resource Over allocation
Using the Task Inspector
Reviewing assignments in Team Planner
Using the Resource Usage view
Resolving resource over allocations
Using priorities to fine tune leveling

Finalizing the plan
Shortening the critical path
Using Overtime
Saving baselines
Using interim plans

Tracking Progress
Task tracking fields
Actual field calculations
Tracking progress at a task level
Tracking progress using time-phased data
Rescheduling incomplete work

Introduction to reports
Visual reports
Viewing Project reports
Dashboard reports
Resource reports
Cost reports
In Progress reports
Getting Started reports

Best Practices