80545 Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
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COURSE COST: $495.00

COURSE TIMES: 9:00am - 4:30pm

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This course focuses on how an organization can nurture customer satisfaction through automation of business processes within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This course provides an insight into all of the powerful Customer Service and Service Scheduling functionality capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Additionally, this course guides you through the process of working with your customers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, including: resolution of customer complaints and services issues cost effectively, and provides insight on managing all related correspondence, documents, contacts and conversations. This course demonstrates the rich and relevant view of your customer that provides your team with actionable insights, including the use of knowledge management in a centralized knowledge base


This course is intended for individuals that plan to implement, use, maintain, or support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in their organization. The training is intended for customer service representatives, service schedulers, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and consultants who want to gain foundational knowledge of the application functionality.

Before attending this course, students must have:

General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
General knowledge of Microsoft Office
An understanding of Customer Relationship Management solution processes and practices


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*Course cost listed does not include the cost of courseware (required) or lunch (optional). Please contact us at learn@vtec.org or 207-775-0244 for additional pricing information, or if you have any questions.
Course subject to minimum enrollment.
Course may run as a Live Distance Learning (LDL) session if minimum enrollment is not met.


Module 1: Introduction
Customer Scenarios
Customer Service Entities and Record Types

Module 2: Cases
Creating Case Records
Understanding the Process Ribbon and Menu Options
Case Resolution, Canceling and Deleting
Assigning Case Records
Other Actions on Cases From Forms and Views
Working with the Subject Tree
Working with the Case List and Views
Lab : Case Resolution Processing

Module 3: Knowledge Base
Article Templates
Creating, Approving and Publishing Articles
Using and Searching the Knowledge Base
Cases and Knowledge Base Articles
Sending Knowledge Base Articles
Lab : Managing Knowledge Base Articles

Module 4: Queue Management
Queue Management
Lab : Create and Manage Queues

Module 5: Contracts
Contracts and Contract Templates
Creating and Working with Contracts
Using Contracts with Cases
Lab : Resolving a Case with a Contract

Module 6: Analysis, Reports and Goals
Customer Service Reports
Customer Service Charts and Dashboards
Customer Service Goals and Metrics
Lab : Goals and Goal Metrics

Module 7: Service Scheduling
Service Scheduling Scenarios
Service Scheduling Terminology
Service Scheduling Process
Resources, Services and Selection Rules
Include Customer Preferences
Understand Sites and Same-Site Requirements
Manage Business Closures
Explain the Service Activity Scheduling Engine
Working with Service Activities and the Service Calendar
Close, Cancel, or Reschedule a Service Activity
Lab : Schedule a Service by Using a Same-Site Requirement